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        2. Layer up with Savings - Coats for Women on Sale

          Trend-right outerwear that will keep you warm and under budget? Done and done! Essential for staying on-trend during every season - even summer - the right outerwear can instantly elevate your look. And the best part? With so many chic jackets and coats on sale, you can score all the newest silhouettes and latest designs without an ounce of guilt.

          - In the Trenches. The must-have coat for every stylish wardrobe: a forever-chic trench. They're key for staying on trend year after year, season after season. Even better? We've updated this time-tested layer with trend-right twists - flirty lace overlays, luxurious fabrics, hot-now colors - to instantly elevate any look.

          - Enjoy the Ride. Sizzling cold-weather style is yours for the taking! Our moto jackets make mastering the season's hottest trends easy breezy. With feminine quilted details, waist-cinching belts and edgy hardware accents, you'll look completely cool no matter what the actual temperature is.

          - Vests to Impress. Looking put-together in a snap? A cinch thanks to chic vests. Totally versatile and totally on-trend, they add style (and warmth!) to every look. Layer on a flyaway vest in timeless plaid or step outside in a hooded quilted puffer. With have-to-have colors and luxe fabrics - from ornate metallics to edgy faux leather - they're always a good idea.

          - Denim Done Right. Our two favorite words: denim and jacket. Together, they create a forever-in-fashion style staple essential for a chic, laid-back vibe. And with our subtle updates - metal-tone hardware, modern top-stitching, knit sleeves - the denim jacket looks better than ever (and we couldn't be happier about it).

          - Well Blended. The ultimate cold-weather fabric? Wool, hands down. It's durable, warm and - with our lineup of coats - completely stylish. Long, belted styles in eye-catching colors, classic pea coats with polished crest buttons, modern hooded boucle jackets - all available in a totally soft wool-blend.

          - Warm Up. Conquering the cold has never looked better. Figure-flattering, ultra-warm and ultra-stylish - our puffer coats have got it all. Add in unexpected details - luxe faux-fur trims, curve-creating buckle belts, sleek princess seams - you'll almost be sad when summer rolls around.

          Ready to complete your look? Don't miss more incredible styles - figure-flaunting jeans, look-at-me dresses, even scarves - exclusively from New York & Company. NY&C has a wide range of women's clothes on sale, including tops, dresses, pants and accessories.

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