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        2. Audrey Pants

            Showcase Your Hollywood Style with Our Audrey Ankle Pants

            Slip into something the stars would be proud of when you explore our collection of Audrey ankle pants. The must-have New York & Company wear-anywhere pant is designed with our unique 4-way stretch fabric, is machine washable and is available in sizes 0-20.

            Coming in a variety of styles available in a wide range of palettes, patterns and prints, the Audrey pant might just be some of our favorite New York & Company pants. From solid reds to black floral, yellow polka dots to animal print and beyond, there's something for every taste when you search our line of stylish pants.

            Features of the Audrey ankle pants include:

            - Comfortable fit. For many women, it's all about making a statement - and comfort is often sacrificed. But who says you can't have both? Our ultra-feminine Audrey stretch pants are made from the softest and most comfortable material we could find, and they enhance your curves without riding up.

            - Dress up or down. Explore our collection of Audrey pants and you'll soon discover both classic and fun patterns. There is something for every occasion - and some of these stretch pants for women can be used in both casual and business settings, depending on how you pair accessories, tops and shoes. Claim this versatility as your own.

            - Pair away. Our Audrey ankle pants make the perfect base piece for your outfit. From there, find blouses, jackets, accessories and shoes to enhance the look you want. For example, dress them up with heels and a fluttery tie-waist shirt, or dress down with flats and an open-back hi-low tee.

            - Easy to clean. You're a busy woman, and pants that require dry cleaning can be a pain. Audrey ankle pants are machine washable, so they can be clean in no time.

            No matter what styles you choose, we understand that there's no such thing as one size fits all. At New York & Company, you can showcase you unique body style with flattering clothing that's just the right fit - much of which is available in sizes ranging from size 0 to 20.

            Don't forget the accessories to complete your look. Browse our stunning jewelry, shoes, handbags, and more - all just a click away. Want to see more on-trend fashions? Discover the latest styles at New York & Company today.

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